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Projek 'Saemaul Undong' Korea

Irad Narakuya

Good old 'Harabeoji' (Korean for Grandpa) who witnessed the start of the "new village movement" (새마을운동-Saemaul Undong) that was launched by then President Park Chung Hee in late 1970s,that lifted millions of rural Koreans out of poverty and created the path of rapid modernization that Korea enjoyed the following decades.

The movement started in a small village Munseong-ri (문성리), just outside the city of Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, then one of the poorest villages in Korea with lackluster infrastructure, roads and agriculture methods. The movement emphasized communalism as well as the collectivization of efforts by villagepeople by encouraging teamwork and motivation, and that the village is an important subdivision that needs to be improved first in order for the country to improve its living standards. In other words, "diligence, self-help and cooperation" (근면, 자조, 협동) became the spirit that embodied the movement and boy did they sta…